Balance Family and Work

Most of us strive to strike a balance between our work and family. This struggle is incessant with most of the human beings in the world despite their gender and demographic differences. Everyone wants to have that perfect equilibrium equation between their family and work life. Our success in this venture decides the amount of mental peace that we acquire.

The real trouble starts for a couple after having kids. When inevitably both the parents get working and the demands from the work front are as much emphasizing as at home! Your kids are not only your responsibility but your heart and happiness dwells into them.

We will try to simplify your struggle between a successful career and happy family with this article.

  • Set your priorities right:

We can’t choose one among our kids and the recurring monthly bills! When both need as much attention and time of yours there is a way of sorting out the difficulty. First of all as a couple you need to sit down and discuss your expenses with each other. Write them on your monthly expense diary and calculate how much surplus you need. If it cannot be managed in the income of one parent then you may have to choose to work together. Seek help from grandparents or some child caretaker for your child’s well being.

  • Shed the guilt:

Working parents are always bound by the guilt of not being able to give sufficient time to their children. However much difficult it may seem- just remind yourself that you work for your family’s collective growth. If you will not be one strong working financial support for them, in due course of time they will miss out on the lifestyle that is bestowed on them.

Other than that, even if you do not have a financial need- working for a successful career is totally acceptable. If the guilt binds you, ask anyone who left her or his job for the sake of their children. They too have the guilt of not being able to give 100% to their career.

So this is a chronic phenomenon that cannot be helped really much. Best part would be to come out of the guilt and make the most of the time that is available to you as family.

  • Teach your children to be independent:

Usually it is the mother who gives up her job for taking care of the children in family. The reason for this may be her own health too which gets largely affected during the course of pregnancy and delivery. But even if you are a “stay at home” parent for any reason, you should teach your child to be independent. When they learn to manage their stuff on their own, they learn to control their inhibitions and actions. This helps them in preparing for the outer world. If at any point of time, you decide to work- their independent attitude will help in getting them settled in any kind of situations.

They will learn what it takes for a successful career from their mother or father who always set examples for their kids by their own doings.