Signs that your cold room may need repair

Cold rooms are vital to many businesses, so what are the signs that something has gone wrong?

Wear and tear damage to the door

The seal of a walk-in fridge or freezer needs inspecting on a regular basis for wear and tear. Continuous use of a fridge, especially in a restaurant environment, will mean wear and tear can occur quickly. Repairs can be expensive if capsules of air escape and cause the fridge to overheat.

Build-up of frost

The best way to maintain the condition of a walk-in freezer is to ensure the temperature is consistent at all times. Frost occurs when warm humid air from outside combines with the cold, dry air inside. Frost can appear when a door is left open for too long or the gasket is not sealed properly. If you see ice building up in your industrial fridge/freezer, the best action would be to seek professional advice.

Water leakage

Make sure that you check the inner seal of your fridge/freezer door. If there is a fault with the seal, you may see evidence of water spots close to the door. A water leak could also mean that your walk-in fridge/freezer has not been installed correctly. The results of water leakage can lead to mould, causing problems with regard to health and safety within a restaurant environment.

Unusual smells

A coolant leak could be evidenced through an unusual smell around the front of commercial cold rooms. This could be a sign that your equipment needs replacing. In a restaurant, it is imperative that faults within your appliances are recognised quickly and dealt with efficiently. Repairs can be expensive and may only extend the life of a fridge/freezer for a short time. At times it is best to upgrade to a new machine from a supplier such as to ensure all guidelines are covered.

Inconsistent temperatures

A consistent temperature is important in a commercial walk-in fridge/freezer, especially when it comes to keeping your food fresh. If the temperature doesn’t remain consistent, this could mean a major malfunction.

If you suspect that your fridge/freezer is malfunctioning, it is a good idea to call out an engineer. Many fridge/freezers have an inbuilt sensor, which needs to be checked regularly. An engineer will ensure that everything is in working order and that your business can remain open.