You did hear about the recommendations of using silicone free haircare products. Now you are wondering what is the reason for a recommendation like this ? Webpages like give a detailed picture how silicones work and why you should avoid them. Here we like do discuss the basics as well, and give you a short overview.

Unless you are Mother Teresa of hair care or have essentially gone without any form of hair styling, your hair goes through some pretty serious daily treatments. And we’re just talking about the real necessary daily beauty routines. Additional treatment like heat treatments or the environment like wind, temperature, or humidity will make your hair suffer even more.
With this given circumstances, which cant be avoided, we should at least try to avoid beautyproducts with even makes the suffering stronger. One of the main chemical ingredients which is used in haircare and has bad influences are the silicones.
Silicones or “silly-cones” are plastic polymers used in a lot of products from haircare to household caulking and especially for sealings against water which are used in your bathroom.


THE BASICS of the Silicones
Silicone is a plastic polymer material which is commonly used in hair care products. It provides slip and shine. Further more it can help to smooth and straighten the hair. Sounds perfect or ???
They are a large class of different materials which are all differently named. You can recognize it by the ending in ‘cone.’ or ‘xane.’
Silicones also have – POSITIVE effects
Starting with the fact that silicone are used in hair products because they covers and protects it and, can actually make hair which is dry or damaged, look and feel healthy. Silicone covers and protects with its hydrophobic coating each individual Hair.
Sounds all good so where are the disadvantages on the other …..
The NEGATIVE effects
Silicone is a plastic seal and its not a natural ingredient. This plastic polymer gives the hair only the illusion of shine and health. What it does it gives a fake shine from the plastic, and thats not the shine we really want.
The silicones seal each hairshaft and so it will not get hydrated, which is necessary to keep it healthy. With the silicones covering each hair, it will dry and fizz will be a result of this dryness as well.
It also prevents moisture and humidity from penetrating the hair shaft, and the plastic coating will be also a magnet for dirt and other polluting ingredients which gives the hair a good shine only for a couple of days. Over time it will be harm you hair with a bad, dirty look and a buildup of silicone layers on the hair.
Even if you try to take good care for your hair, it will be the problem that the silicones will keep nutrients and proteins which are added in shampoo or conditioners to help and support the hair, from getting in or penetrating to the shaft. This will weaken your hair or break it at all.

The “BUILDUP UP” effect
In good haircare produces we like to look for materials and ingredients which help in long term. Not only the immediate better look and feel is important. Silicones do that.
Silicones are very hydrophobic, which has the effect that they do not wash out easily. So there will be one layer after the other building up on your hair and that will weight-en your hair a lot. It is called a cycle of damage.
Because silicone adds one after the other layer to your hair, it makes the hair heavy. The additional weigh will harm the hair and makes it limp, lifeless and dull.
The silicones don´t wash out properly. ”Washing out properly” means stripping the hair or clarify and clean it. This is prevented by the layers which have been building up and its artificial shine.

SPOTTING the SILICONES in hair products
There are so many types of silicones that it will be impossible to know them all. Some of them are water-soluble but the most are not. So its recommend to stay away from all silicones. Common names are Dimethicone , Dimethiconol , Cyclomethicone, Methicone, Amodimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane…and much much more. If the ending is suspicious you can use the Internet to find out if it is a silicone or not.

Healthy hair without SILICONES
There are many natural hair products which have really good results for the hair and help and protect them in long and short term. This products are not even much more expansive , its just the question of lifestyle if you bring health to your hair or go with shiny plastic through your live.