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Tone your upper body and stay strong – Expert tips

People nowadays strive hard to tone their upper bodies for a number of reasons. While some see bulging biceps as the best mark of desirable appearance and strength, there are some others who only wish to increase their ability to lift up heavy objects with ease or excel in some kind of sports. With that said, it is always important to focus on building a strong upper body to create an overall balanced appearance with a uniform symmetry.

Whatever may be your reason behind trying to tone your upper body; this post will inform you about some important facts on toning your upper body which you may not have known before this. There are many factors which contribute to enhancing tone and increasing lean muscle in the chest, shoulders, back, traps and arms.

Spot toning – Few facts and tips

  • Spot toning for a definite area isn’t possible: When a person exercises, his body starts losing weight everywhere and as your body starts shedding off excess fat, there will be certain areas which will slow in the total amount of fat that they shed. Hence, some areas will shed fat fast while others may be slow.
  • Best locations for fat storage: One of the main locations where you can notice fastest gain of fat is around the abdominals. It is typically observed that fat accumulates around the hips and thighs.
  • Your body decides where to eliminate fat: As and when a person starts losing weight, his body starts deciding the location where it will use up fat and convert it to energy. Fat burns directly from your abs, chest and arms if you target those areas during an exercise.
  • Pros of strength training: Strength training increases the metabolism of an individual and therefore the number of calories the body usually burns on a regular basis. Strength training usually tones the muscles which are being exercised and this increases the lean muscle mass of a definite muscle. 15 repetitions with high resistance will be more valuable than 30-50 repetitions with low resistance.
  • Give time to your muscles to recover: It is vital to remember to give your muscles enough time to recover before you keep exercising them. Don’t forget that all muscle gains are obtained during rest and not when you exercise. So, if you don’t give enough time to your muscles to recover, you will actually delay the achievement of your fitness goals and boost the risk of injury.

So, if you want to stay at the best of your health by toning your upper body, experts recommended reading this. Perform the right exercises and stay on the right diet.