Why Schwinn recumbent exercise bike is the best brand in the industry?

There are a lot of reasons why some would not spend their time working out. And one of these reasons is the pain caused by overly stressed muscles, joints and ankles after a heavy workout. Exercising outdoors also requires a fine weather where anyone can run through the fields; stretch the arms and legs in a spacious area. However, the atmosphere does not always allow us to workout outside.

So, is there anyway a person willing to workout without any pain, start without feeling discomfort during the first exercise?  And for those who want to do the fitness routine every day, can they do it regularly regardless of the weather condition?

Good thing there is a machine that can cater these needs where you can do the exercise within the comfort of your home. Reading recumbent exercise bike reviews online and getting affordable bike is the solution for those who want to stay fit without the hassle of going to the gym and adjustment to weather conditions.

Talking about bicycles, there is a company that manufactures one of the best bicycles in the world. And for indoor workout, here are the reasons why Schwinn is the best brand in the industry.

Reputable manufacturer

For more than 120 years, Schwinn has been an icon in manufacturing bicycles. Founded in 1895in Chicago by Ignaz Schwinn and his partner Adolph Arnold, Schwinn has great contributions to the fitness industry because of its quality products.In history, it is the first company licensed to manufacture spinner bikes. The company’s innovation started the several firsts in bicycle industry including the first bicycle solution theft solution which is the Cycle lock®, a bicycle balloon tire (1933), the fore-wheel brake (1938), the cantilever frame and the spring fork, that are forerunner of today’s mountain bikes.

Today Schwinn featuresrecumbent bikes, upright bikes, steppers, elliptical, home gyms, and treadmills.

The company assures their customers that the bikes they made are of great quality that only more than a century old company can provide.

Amazing Features

Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes can come with as many as 25 levels of resistance, 29 programmed workouts depending on what model. A lot more features including heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth, fans and speakers that can make your workout a lot more enjoyable. Some models of the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike allows you to download your data to Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal so you will know your performance and lets you measure your progress with your workout via Bluetooth. Data such as distance, time, and calories goal tracking are featured in models such as the Schwinn 270.

You can also enjoy watching movies while working out because of the DualTrack monitor system, which is an innovative display that allows you to place your iPad, tablet, or book right in front of you.

The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike also has speakers that allow you to listen to lively music while doing your exercise. You just have to plug your device or USB port and enjoy the rhythm while your body is moving.

Helps you achieve your fitness goals with ease

According to a research, a vital part of overall physical fitness requires a minimum of 20 minute day activity that increases the heart rate to a cardio fitness level.  An everyday routine of this reduces the risk of heart disease and other serious health problems. This 20 minute cardio-vascular activity is very much achievable with Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes. You can safely and slowly achieve the maximum cardio health right at home. In fact, you can burn hundreds of calories per hour in an exercise using a recumbent bike, this depends on your weight and fitness level.

Reasonable Price

Having recumbent bikes at home means sparing yourself from paying for the gym every now and then. Instead of being an expense, purchasing recumbent bike is actually an investment for your fitness and physical health. The mid-range Schwinn Uprights (in the $200-$400 range) and Schwinn Recumbents (in the $300-$500 range) are some of the excellent products of Schwinn recumbent bikes.

You can also enjoy a warranty than can even reach up to ten years for the frame of Schwinn recumbent bike products. Its mechanical and electrical warranty can also last for a year , wear items warranty for six months and labor warranty that can reach up to 90 days.