Growing taller home remedies

A person’s height is determined by the genes but that is not only responsible for the height. There is the hormone called Human Growth Hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland that is essential for the growth of the body. Often we think that after attaining the age of 18 we cannot grow but it is not true we do grow few inches after attaining the age of 18.

So here are some home remedies that will help you in growing a good height.

Do yoga: yoga helps in increasing your height naturally. It is the best method that one can opt for having a good height. Yoga helps in the growth of the hormones which indulge in the increase of the height. Stretch your body:  stretching is also the important aspect that helps in growth of the body. A person can try to stretch your body by standing on your toes for few minutes only and try this every morning and evening. You can try super stretch, cobra stretch, bow stretch and twists.

Play some sports and do exercise: exercise and sports are the best way to gain height. A person must contribute his time towards exercise and sports to attain good height. The best exercise that a person can do is skipping for 30 minutes daily. Stretching horizontally will span the spines and gives you a good height. Try to stretch your body for 10 seconds daily. A person must also play games like tennis and basketball that requires jumping a lot which helps in gaining good height and reduce body weight.

Balanced diet: the short height of the person is due to the poor diet of the person. They poor diet of the person may lead to several problems along with short height. A body needs zinc, manganese, and vitamin c and so on for the proper growth of the body. A balanced diet must be followed by the person. A diet of the person must contain leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and low-fat dairy products.

Practice good posture: a good posture also helps in the development of the good height. A good posture is such in which the head and neck are aligned without any bend. The good type of posture relaxes your muscles and help in the growth of the height. On the other hand, your bad posture will lead to bad height. So always sit erect on a chair in a proper manner and it will surely help in increasing height.

Plenty of water: a person should drink plenty of water in a day. Water helps to remove harmful substance from our body and make it fit and also help in improving digestion. Drinking water will increase the metabolism rate and will help in increasing height. A person must drink 8 glass of water per day along with that eats water based food like cucumber and watermelon.

So these are some home remedies that a person can follow to have a good height.