Know The Reasons Why You May Have A High-risk Pregnancy

If you have a High-risk pregnancy, this means that you need extra help and care to have a healthy pregnancy and to deliver a healthy baby. If you had any chronic disease before you conceived, then you would have known that your pregnancy will be high-risk. It could also be that the gynaecologist could have told you that yours is a high-risk pregnancy because of some condition that you have developed in your first pregnancy.

Whatever the reason, if you have a high-risk pregnancy then this means that either you or your baby could have health issues either during the pregnancy, at birth or after the baby is delivered. The problems could be minor but not always. Sometimes the condition could be severe and be life-threatening to the mother of the baby. This is why you need extra monitoring if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

Emotions during pregnancy

You are very likely to have mixed feelings when you are told that your pregnancy is high-risk. It may be difficult to enjoy your pregnancy because of this constant worry about yours and your baby’s health. You should ask your doctor about ways to manage or prevent the problem. It is good to be more informed in such conditions.

Make sure that you understand that having a high-risk pregnancy does not mean that you will not deliver a healthy baby. So it is essential that you do not give up hope.

Causes of high-risk pregnancy

There could be many reasons why you could be having a high-risk pregnancy. This could be because you had an issue with your last pregnancy. This does not mean that you may again have the same problem, but the doctor will want you to be prepared.

There are some health conditions too that can make you at high-risk. If you have any chronic disease, then it is best to consult a doctor who can advise you on how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Treating the complications of high-risk pregnancy

Even if you do not have any health problem, the doctors may recommend an appointment with a healthcare provider to ensure that you are healthy. Your doctor would advise you to:

  • Take folic acid daily before your pregnancy and also all through your pregnancy
  • Getting proper immunisations
  • Maintaining proper weight and eating a healthy diet
  • Being physically active and exercising
  • Avoiding intake of cigarettes and alcohol or drugs

All these can help to minimise the complications that are caused due to high-risk pregnancy.