Main factors that cause anxiety disorder

Summary- Most people are prone to anxiety disorder when we consider the global population. This ailment is caused by four major reasons. Let us have a look at them and about hypnosis for anxiety.

Anxiety is the major cause that affects the mental health of individuals. This affects physical health as well as social behaviour of people if does not identify and treated promptly.

  1. Any important event

Most of us have to participate or organize an event as frequent as every day. Most of us fear about proper organizing and success of the event. Most of the doctors identify an event as a cause for anxiety. Some traumatic events also cause anxiety disorder among individuals. Some events like an accident, losing a job, losing loved ones or relationships or divorce will leave traumatic effect on the minds of people which lead to anxiety. For instance, people who watched 26/11 attack in TV experienced trauma and anxiety that lasted for years. Some kinds of fear like fear of swimming, heights or darkness may also lead to this disorder.Hypnosis for anxietyis helpful to overcome this disorder.

If you feel highly uncomfortable or feel shattered thinking of any sad event and cannot come out of that emotional stature for a long time, that state of mind can be defined as trauma.


Any event that causes negative impact on your emotions should have a strong meaning. The meaning depends on your perception about the incident. Some emotions like fear of losing a job fear about career, a break up or a divorce may cause negative impact on your mind and affects your emotional health that the effect lasts for years. The meaning of the negative impact depends on the emotional attachment we have with that incident, person or object.

  1. Landscape

The anxiety disorder may affect us based on the landscape of our brain. The electro chemical state of our brain at the traumatic event is defined as landscape of our brain. If you are prone to stress and anxiety already, the landscape of your brain will be more sensitive to traumatic state and this may lead the situation to grow worse. If you have less stressful experiences in your life, the chances of your brain being traumatic will be less. Hypnosis for anxiety helps to make up your mind to overcome this state of mind.

If you compare your brain with a car, if your car has less mileage and you maintain your vehicle in a good condition, there are more chances for good performance without breaking down.

The chances for traumatic anxiety depend on the intensity of stress your brain is prone to.

  1. Inescapability

Inescapability from certain traumatic events may lead to severe anxiety disorder. Sometimes perception of inescapability from negative people and negative events may lead to traumatic state. This is the key factor that confirms whether a person will be prone to traumatic anxiety or not. In most of the cases the event may be a personal issue that you perceive you cannot come out from that particular negative impact or traumatic state like issues regarding job, phobic conditions or issues related to relationships. Hypnosis for anxiety is helpful to modify the patient’s behaviour to come out of this destructive state of mind.

Most of the scientists believe that havening is a great neuro scientific perspective and the most relaxing treatment worldwide to treat anxiety disorders quickly and effectively.