Positive Effects of the Human Growth Hormone on the Height of an Individual

The height of an individual is determined by a number of factors. Genetics, diet, environmental factors, lifestyle and many other factors play role in deciding how high you will get in life (pun intended). Still there are some internal biological factors that are important than any other element that affects your health.

Human growth hormone is one decisive hormone that plays pivot role not just in height growth but overall physical development of children.

HGH Anatomy  

Human growth hormone is produced by the somatotroph cells of the pituitary gland located at anterior brain. These cells produce, store and secrete growth hormone into the blood stream. This growth hormone travels to the liver and stimulates production of insulin like growth factor one or IGF-1 that stimulates cell growth and replication. One major tissue that is stimulated by IGF-1 is the epiphyseal plate which is located on the either ends of long bones and is vital for growth in height.

When we hit puberty this cartilaginous plate is converted into solid bone which halts scope of any further increase in height. When there is normal production of growth hormones the growth in height is normal but any kind of deficiency can cause dwarfism or stunted growth.

Stimulating HGH to boost height

You can increase HGH production naturally to benefit height. Human Growth Hormone for sale can also help to restore growth hormone production when you reach adolescent and there is decline in growth hormone production. However as long as you are young and your body produces enough growth hormone you can use some natural stimuli to increase GH.

Dietary Changes

An important consideration to make is reduces intake of carbohydrate rich diet as it inhibits natural growth hormone production. High carb diet causes increase in blood glucose which is also known as hyperglycemia. Body produces more insulin to deal with increased glucose. As insulin has counter effect on IGF-1 it is important that you avoid carb and fat rich diet.


There is no better way to stimulate body to secrete natural growth hormone than exercise. Choose an active lifestyle and work towards pushing limits of your physical strength that will increase adrenaline, nitric oxide, blood lactate and nerve activity. All these factors trigger GH production.

Sleep Right

There will be no HGH production if you are not resting enough and providing your body with adequate time window to recover. Maintain a regular sleep of at least 8 hours.

HGH for sale can also help supplement the growth of height by boosting production of growth hormones but that should be a planned choice.