Where Are Steroids Legal?

One of the most common question people asked about steroids is that,  buy steroids is legal or not.

When we heard the word ‘steroids’ our mind associate it with drugs, side effects and death. Because we think that steroids are not good for our health. So this the reason due to which steroids are ijllegal in some countries. But it does not means that all the products associated with steroids are bad. We will look at the brighter side of the word steroids and also about countries where steroids are legal.

Countries Where Steroids Are Legal?

The laws of one country are differ from other countries. Some products or conditions are illegal in some countries while in other countries they may be legal. This is also applied on steroids, in some countries usage and buying of anabolic steroids are legal but in most of the countries due to its abuse they become illegal and cannot be use or buy without prescription.

The prime example is Mexico, where these steroid are not just legal but outright legal. Mexico is a country where anyone can buy or sell anabolic steroids anywhere they want. This is not just for mexican citizen but if you are a U.S citizen you can legally go to Mexico and buy those anabolic steroids but the problem is that you cannot legally bring them back. If you wanted to bring them you will be arrested for violation of steroid control act because bring them outside the border of Mexico is illegal.

Beyond Mexico, there are several more countries in which anabolic steroids are legally been used and purchased.

List Of Countries Where Steroids Are Legal :

Following are the countries where you can easily and legally buy and sell steroids.

  • Malaysia
  • Ukraine
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Maxico
  • Brazil
  • Thailand
  • Venezuela, etc.

Countries Where Steroids Are Illegal?

I some places, such as United States, Australia etc, using steroids are against the law and using or buying it is strictly illegal withour any doctor’s prescription. If someone seems to be possess or using these steroids without any valid prescription will carries a maximum penalty of one year priso and maximum $1000 fine.

Law On Legality Of Steroids :

Internationally, there are some laws on the proper usage, selling and buying of steroids. Here are some laws of some countries.

In Germany, Norway and Sweden the official law has been passed to ban the import, usage and possesin of steroid for financial gain and also ban in sports.

In U.S, Germany and Finland the law is passed that  country should restrict the availability of steroids and if someone is caught using steroids during sports will be banned and should be arrested.

In A Nutshell :

Product legality is all depend on the nature of the product, effects produce by the products and usage. If any steroid produce any nasty side effects and are used as abuse according to law it will be illegal. Illegal steroids are banned in most of the sports and if someone found to use such steroids will be suspended for 1 to 2 years with 1000$ fine.