Knee Pain

All you need to know about knee pain

Knee pain is a pain we usually experience in our knee bone. There are many reasons why you are having this pain. Following are the few symptoms and causes of having knee pain.

·        Symptoms:

There are many symptoms of knee pain. Not everyone experiences all of them.

  1. Severe pain.
  2. Redness on the affected area.

·        Causes:

If we talk about the causes of knee pain, there are many. Following are few of them:


The sprain is a condition in which the bone is moved in the wrong direction. This increases the pressure on the other side, resulting in tissue damage. The sprain is one of the common forms of injury that people get. Mostly, sportsman and children are prone to it. However, it can also happen while walking in heels too. The best way to deal with a sprain is by using some pain killers and getting some rest. If it is not helping you, you can visit a knee pain doctor nyc too.


Arthritis is a common issue that arises with the passage of time as well. This is an issue in which the joints of the body get swelled up due to many reasons. Mostly they are hereditary, while some of them are due to the hormonal imbalances in the body. Osteoarthritis means the brittleness of bones which makes it prone to breakage under little pressure. If you are facing the same issue, increase the intake of calcium in your diet. This is not a condition that you should neglect. You should take preventive measures to reduce the future damage. Rheumatoid arthritis is also a form of arthritis in which the toes of the feet get swelled up and cause intense pain.


Tendonitis is a swelling in the tendons of the body. Tendons are the long whitish cords of connective tissue, which connects the muscles to the bones. Due of some infection, these cords gets swelled up and this causes the pain in the joints. Pain killers can help to deal with the pain.

Torn meniscus:

Torn meniscus is a problem when the tears appear in the cartilage of the knee that surrounds the joint. This causes severe pain and swelling in the joint. This can happen due to the injury to the knee and getting infected.

Knee bursitis:

Knee bursitis is a condition in which the swelling occurs behind the knee and this makes it difficult to move your leg. It is a jelly like sac in the knee whose purpose is to lubricate the joints and makes it easy for you to move. Due to some kind of infection and swelling, it is difficult to move the joint. This is called knee bursitis. So if you are having the same issue, try to consult with a doctor. They can help you recover in no time. They will also give you some antibiotics to get rid of the infection.