Weight Loss

3 Things To Look For In An Effective Weight Loss Programme

You’re here because you’re looking into healthy ways to lose weight, right? Whether you are overweight or just looking to maintain a healthy weight, effective weight loss programmes are a great resource for anybody… if they’re medically well-formulated. Here are three products that have been identified by medical weight loss specialists:

1.Protein shakes

Protein has proven helpful for weight loss as it produces certain hormones in the body (like CCK and PYY) which lower your levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’. So you will feel more satiated and be less prone to snacking and/or overeating.

With a higher intake of protein your metabolism will increase as more calories need to be burned to digest and metabolise this. This is due to what is known as dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT), which basically the production of energy in the body to metabolise food.

Whey proteins are a particularly good food source for this, and have proven especially effective in weight loss for women. This is because women are generally less focused on building muscle, so they lose the fat without picking up weight in muscle.

2.Omega 3

A healthy dose of Omega 3 has been proven to be essential to our daily diet. Also, it helps your body to naturally combat ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. While these don’t have a direct effect on weight loss, the health benefits are sure to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Another factor that is being researched, which will have more emphasis on weight loss if it can be proven, is that Omega 3 is believed to improve blood flow to your muscles. Omega 3 is believed to improve blood flow, especially during exercise. This would mean that your body will be better able to transport fat to where it can actually be used and burnt by the body as energy.


With more than two decades of research into pyruvate, we now know that pyruvate is a vital component of the Kreb cycle. This cycle is the way your body naturally converts sugars and starches to energy. That is why Slender Wonder brought out PyruVite, which uses pyruvate as its main ingredient.

By supplementing your diet with the right amount of pyruvate your weight loss programme effectively helps your body to use sugars and starches (which you find in almost all foods). It also helps to increase the amount of energy your cells burn, so you have less excess energy turning into fat.

Contact the medical weight loss specialists at Slender Wonder to find out more about these and other great weight loss solutions that will set you on the path to healthy weight loss (for women and men).