Weight Loss


Liposuction is a fat removal process which aims in contouring one’s body. It is an effective treatment for a person who is having a heavy body. and by undergoing this treatment an individual will get their desired body shape and will re-gain their self-esteem and body confidence.



The Cost of liposuction treatment in India ranges anywhere between $500 to $4000. This cost purely dependes upon the area from which the fat is to be removed from the body. Let me tell you, that the insurance won’t get claim for such type of cosmetic surgery. And let me tell you, there will be number of costs that will be hidden under this treatment, costs like:

  1. Anesthesia cost
  2. Laboratory fee
  3. Operation room charges
  4. Post-operation garment cost
  5. Drugs cost, etc

The above detail is a just a tentative range of the cost of the liposuction treatment in India. There are many cities in India that provide liposuction treatment at an affordable cost.

Following are the list of the cities that provide liposuction treatment in India:

  1. Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bangalore
  4. Chennai
  5. Hyderabad

The most preferred destination is Delhi of all.

 Delhi the capital city of India is known for serving its empire and is still serving people and now its well-known for the medical treatments. Medical treatments are so developed that there is a solution for all the diseases here. While talking specifically about cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, it is one of the well-known and famous cosmetic surgery which will help an individual with heavy weight to get rid of fat deposits through a treatment. You might be thinking that the what will be the cost of this treatment, how will it be performed? What technique will be used on me, etc.? Okay, wait, don’t think so much. While talking about the cost of liposuction in Delhi, the cost is very economical and it will range in between $900 to $4000 depending upon the area from which fat is to be removed. One will surely get high-class facilities if undergone liposuction treatment in Delhi.


 Liposuction treatment can be performed on almost all the body parts where the fat deposits will be present. The prices of the liposuction treatment depend upon the amount of fat that is to be removed from a particular part of the body. if you want more than one area to be treated together the cost of liposuction might get high. Therefore, there is no set price for liposuction treatment.

However, there are many other factors that will influence the cost of the liposuction treatment. The final cost of liposuction depends upon individual to individual patient – you can spend as much as little you want to. If liposuction is performed on multiple areas of the body then your cost will increase the cost will also go up if the area from which fat is to be removed is very large. Areas where fat deposits are easily accessible like outer thighs, waist, buttocks have a tendency to be less expensive than the complicated areas of the body such as inner thighs, abdomen and breasts.

Let me tell you, the weight of the patient is the most influencing factor. The patient with a heavy body tends to have a greater amount of fat deposits and because of this the time taken for this treatment will also increase and even the expertise needed to remove them. If you have previously lost weight with the excess skin left lose then also the cost of liposuction treatment will increase. This is because the scared tissues would have been left behind which will complicate this procedure of the liposuction.

The other factor of calculating the cost is the surgeon’s experience under liposuction treatment. A surgeon who has an excellent reputation and has performed liposuction treatment for years are likely to be slightly expensive.

Cost of liposuction depending upon the area in the body:

With various zones of the body holding densities of fat deposits and contracting them in how easy will it be able to access the surgery, the cost of liposuction particularly depends upon the area where the surgery is to be performed.

For example, liposuction on abdomen will cost double as much as liposuction on neck. To give you an idea about the different price structure of the liposuction treatment in India look at the table below:

Chin Back Abdomen Neck Arms Thighs Tummy Hips
$890 $1200 $2500 $550 $650 $2000 $2500 $3500


Liposuction treatment will help you in getting back your lost self-esteem and confidence about how you look. This treatment is very well known and famous in Delhi, India. One can avail the best liposuction treatment here at an very affordable cost. Though the cost is low one will het high-class quality treatment. Choose your surgeon very carefully and consider all the aspect of the cost before undergoing the surgery and get your desired look.